Why We Are All Addicts

Addiction is something that has been a major player in my life for a very long time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never personally been addicted to any sort of life damaging substance – but the disease of addiction has had a major impact on my life, and my family.

I know myself enough to know that i can very quickly become addicted. When i was younger i did my fair share of drug experimentation, and even when drinking i try very hard to stay conscious of how many drinks I’ve had and sticking to a number i decided on before even starting my night. There’s always been this part of me that WANTS to always feel that way (high or drunk) for as long as i possibly can. I think that if i didn’t know i was capable of becoming addicted, i could fall down that rabbit hole really fast.

When i talk about addiction, i talk about it in the context of ruining lives – because that’s all I’ve ever seen it do, and for me if that isn’t the case, is it REALLY an addiction? I recently came across a video that sort of signs a new light on the idea of addiction and i guess added to my perspective on what addiction is and what it can be.

check it out below.

Why We Are All Addicts from Yan Dan Wong on Vimeo.

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