When Nike SB was King

At nearly 31 years old, i have a serious love/hate relationship with Nike SB.I first started collecting became obsessed with sneakers back in 08. At the time i was really into skateboarding, and while i was never the best i looked up to guys like Chris Cole, Danny Supa, christian Hosoi, and countless others – who i pretty much desperately wanted to be. Nike SB quickly became a part of who i was a a person, and for a very long time i swore by SB.

Today, nearly completely forgotten in the back of my living room closet are a ton of Nike SB Dunks, or what (at the time) was considered nothing but heat. From Buellers, to Dooms, to Peewees. From black box, to gold box to grey box and pink box. I’m sitting on a stockpile of SB history that i rarely ever let see the light of day, expect to show off on the Gram every once in a blue.

Maybe it’s because in my old age I’ve come to appreciate the comfort of a pair of Ultraboost, or appreciate a solid Made in American pair of New Balance. Or maybe it’s because i think the brand has sort of lost its identity and is’t the Nike SB i once knew and loved.

In any case Nike SB gave quite kid like me the loudest voice, and opened the Pandora’s box that quickly made me the jaded, snob of a sneakerhead that i am today.

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