What I’ve been listening To

I’m gonna be honest guys. I haven’t been listening to much music (or podcast) lately. I’m trying my hardest to be a little more productive during my commutes, using the short time i have to try to write something (ANYTHING).  This isn’t to say i’m just riding on the train in full on silence with headphones in to trick people into thinking i can’t hear them, sometimes there is something playing. Here are a few things I’ve had on repeat recently.

Andre 3k is back! but not back with OutKast, or in that Hey Ya! kinda way, but he’s back! As a token of appreciation for both his fans and his late mother, 3k released 2 singles for Mother’s Day. Both are probably a far cry from what you’re expecting from 3 stacks, but i say give it a chance. Especially the 17 minute jazz piece.

Anderson .Paak is back! This is very exciting for me. I love .Paak, and Malibu was an album i had on repeat for well over a year and was talking about on a damn near daily basis.  Bubblin feels like a .Paak track. I’m excited for a new album.

Donald Glover is back! But for real, he is though. This isn’t to say he ever went away, but with Star Wars around the corner, This is America waking white people up everywhere, and Atlanta season 2 just wrapping up, it feels like Bino is everywhere. Obviously I had no choice is sharing This is America, but i also wanted to share a New Yorker Article which i really enjoyed. Fair warning, it’s a long read/listen.

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