What a Week

Guys it has been a VERY draining and exhausting week. In between M and i getting the new place ready, one of my dogs (Bandit) get very, very sick. I won’t go into the details of it all, but he’s been hospitalized all week and was diagnosed with a rare disease called Addisons disease.

During all this I’ve been sleeping terribly, some nights not at all – and because i found myself with a ton of extra time, I took to the internet in search of anything to keep my mind of off everything going on.

Wild, Wild Country. M put me on and i can’t stop watching. Don’t even bother with the trailer, just check it out on Netflix.

NY Summer in the Winter. This is unfortunately only available to people with Viceland, but it’s everything i’m looking forward to for the next few months.

Shai’s Outfits. I don’t ever really know how to feel Shai LaBeouf. Some days i think he’s a normcore god and i want to be like him, and other days i assume he’s trolling everyone. He’s a tough one to figure out. Does he care? Anyway, this is one of my favorite IG accounts and one everyone should follow.

* header image of the boys (Melo on the left, Bandit on the right) and their latest tennis ball.

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