Video: For I Only Needed Awakening

I got back to NY last night, and i gotta say i could not get to sleep even a little. All i could think about doing was grabbing my two boys, packin’ a bag and heading to some other city – probably Montreal at this point.

While in the middle of this thought process i came across a video on Vimeo called For I Only Needed Awakening. Produced by Rachel Goldsworthy, the video is beautifully shot and pretty much made me want to visit China, like TODAY. Rachel created the video for a friend named Fiona who was clearly a very important person in her life and writes,

There comes a point in your life when you realise what really matters, what never did, and what always will. The same can be said for who. Sometimes we just need the reminder to wake up to that.

Fiona I love you, and the world does too.

While the video itself is amazing what really got to me was the music which is by Nuages and is called Dreams, but features The Dream of Life by Alan Watts, which was/is an incredibly inspiring and kinda profound speech.

Check it out below.

For I Only Needed Awakening from Rachel Goldsworthy on Vimeo.

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