Tomorrow Never Came

I’m sure had this album come out earlier this year, i don’t think i would have been able to listen to it without feeling every human emotion possible.

Thankfully that isn’t the case, and i can listen to Lana Del Rey and not be a God damn mess at the same time. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the album i suggest you do, I’ve played it start to finish at least 4 times over the last day or so – but there’s one song in particular that stands out for me.

“Tomorrow Never Came” features Sean Ono Lennon and hits pretty close to home, especially the chorus. I’m in a much better place now and can look back with a bit more clarity and not beat myself up for things that i had very little to no control over, but still the lyrics pull right on the heart strings.

The feeling of “what if” sticks around for a while, but it starts to become less and less painful to think about, especially when you consider the things you’ve experienced or people that you’ve met since that have in one way or another helped.  In a way it’s sort of this weird catch-22. I’m glad I’m not beating myself up anymore and constantly running these “what if” scenarios in my head, but at the same time i also feel a little sad that the thing i once cared about so incredibly deeply isn’t the thing i care about so much anymore.

I think a part of me maybe wants to hold on to just a little piece of that “what if” feeling, and i think this song does exactly that for me – not because i’m afraid or don’t want to move on, but because i want to remember that while i’m the furthest from perfect any one person can be, I’ve been there.

I’ve loved and been loved, and if that never happens again, i want to remember that it did at least once.

Also. For one reason or another this song reminded me Yesterday which i also shared below. Maybe its The Beatles connection.

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