This is the Most Relaxing Snowboarding Video I’ve Ever Seen

Moving is STRESSFUL.

This isn’t new information to me. I’ve heard it said a million times, but the first two times i moved i had just a roomful of stuff, not an entire apartments worth.

I think I’m mostly doing a good job at stressing myself out, wanting to get as much done in a day or two – and not realizing i have a some time to make it all happen. To help me relax a bit i’ve taken to listen to lo-fi almost all day, and when i’m working/on the computer i’ve played this powder snowboarding video on repeat. I want to seriously thank the internet for this one. Called pow surf 101 the clip features a snowboarder riding through some of the softest looking snow on the planet, and is set to “Clair de Lune” by French composer Claude Debussy. For sure i can just get on spotify and listen to the track, but that snow looks so damn soft.

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