The Aria of Babyface Cauliflower Brown – A Wrestling Story

Unless you’ve someone managed to completely avoid pop culture entirely, you’ve probably noticed the increase in popularity for Wrestling – specifically WWE, but also the original Netflix series GLOW, and the vast number of fantastic documentaries about wrestling that have released over the past year or two.

When i was younger (and even now to a much lesser degree) i was a fan of wrestling. I was raised in the tail end of what is now referred to “The Mew Generation” and lived “The Attitude/NWO” era of wrestling. This was when Stone Cold had the 316 in his name, and Hulk Hogan was known as Hollywood Hogan and WCW and WWF (before the E) ruled Monday nights. Now, we all know wresting is fake, but this is more than just about whether or not powerbombing someone off the top rope is a viable move in a bar fight, this is about good versus evil.

Wrestling has always drawn a very solid line as to who is good and who is bad, who wins the crowd and who earns the boos – and that was true, until the Attitude Era. That line became blurred and i think i missed out on such an important part of what wrestling is. The Attitude Era was like the “anti wrestling” wrestling era, there where no good guys and bad guys, everyone was like a vigilante and we cheered for the one who took the biggest risk or drank the most beer or won by any means necessary.

Earlier today while browsing the web aimlessly (the way i do) i came across a short film by Time Grant on the NY Times (super classy) about wrestling – specifically about the baby face( good guy) vs the heel (bad guy) and how it’s much more representative of our society than we’ve noticed.

Check it out below.

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