Starting from scratch and other June things

Hi Guys.  I know I haven’t been posting often, and I wish I could give you a significant reason as to why, but the truth is I can’t.

Whenever i start to think about working on new stuff to share I start to feel like whatever i have planned isn’t good enough. Story of my life.

In the mean time, while i get over my self and while M and I add the finishing touches to the apartment, here are a few things I’ve been diggin and felt like i needed to share.


  1. ye. I know what you’re thinking. EVERYONE has heard this album already – but I can’t stop listening to it and i can’t really describe how i feel about it without sounding silly. There is something special about this album and when i figure it out I’ll tweet about it.

2. This episode of This American Life  (the inspiration behind the name of my post today) which i can’t embed, but I’ve linked here. The title is a little deceiving. I expected heart breaking stories, but i got the complete opposite.

3. I’ve recently been feeling nostalgic for skateboarding, which is something i haven’t done in YEARS and have zero intention on going to. Falling sucks, and i’m not interested in falling. My nostalgia has taken been down a few youtube click holes and I’ve watched endless old parts from some of my favorite skaters – one of which is Mark Gonzales, who not to long ago celebrated his 50th B-day and in his honor memory screen put together a montage of some incredible Gonz moments.

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