Scott Young: Wish you Were Here

Recently the term ‘Wish you Were Here’ has been a major part of my life. Since the end of my last relationship it’s something i think i’ve said to myself at least once a day, and it’s even a playlist i put together on spotify – inspired by the Pink Floyd song.

Earlier today while scrolling endlessly through Reddit (as i usually do) i cam acorss this post. I’d be lying if i said my heart didn’t skip a beat. Scrolling through the comments i learned it’s part of an art project by Scott Young – and the e at the end of Here turns on and off at random changing the entire meaning of the short sentence. I never once considered that removing just a single letter could make an already pretty powerful sentiment into something so much more, and with the emotional limbo i find myself in recently, the work carried some pretty intense weight.

Speaking about his work Scott said “Art is about emotions and how an artist interprets daily existence, and how it relates to other humans and the world around us,” says Young. “On the surface, my work seems vibrant and happy, lovely, almost saccharin, but on closer examination, it drives into the darker side of love and relationship, want, desire, longing, and ultimately the sacrifices we make to achieve the ideal of ‘happiness.’”

Deep cuts all around.

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