It’s the beginning of a new year and that means everyone has whipped out the same old crusty resolutions list they’ve been working on since becoming an adult. Like most people i have a few generic items that make the cut year after year ( travel, save money) and while there isn’t anything wrong with that at all – i wanted to try and put together a list of not so big things that i can do every day, or often enough that it doesn’t really feel like a huge energy/time commitment that most resolutions have a tendency of feeling like.

    • I want to read more. I don’t mean like articles from the front page of reddit, i mean like a REAL book. I can’t remember the last time i physically picked up a book, I’ve become incredibly accustomed to podcasts or audiobooks that whenever i see a person holding a book on the train I’m like wtf is WRONG with them. It’s pretty terrible. I need to read a book.


    • Text people back, or better yet text people FIRST.¬†I’m very much OK with as little contact as possible. My best friend lives in Florida, and we can talk everyday for a week before going radio silence for a month, and texting/talking to each other again like no time has passed at all. This sort of relationship has for sure spoiled me, and i assume everyone is like that. Not true. I’ve noticed that i sort of bank on friends for plans on weekends, and i need to start taking the initiative more often.


    • Write more. A good friend of mine got me a journal a few months back (because I’ve been saying i need to write more for months and he got tired of me saying it) and i STILL haven’t used it. A few years ago i started to write a story for/about my nephew and cousin¬†(both 6 years old now) that stared both of them, and my dogs as the main¬†protagonist – but for one reason or another i stopped working on it, and it’s something i’d love to actually finish.

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