Pride of Brooklyn

I did a lot of day drinking

Pride of Brooklyn is a home brew competition for people who brew their own beers in hopes of maybe eventually doing it full time one day. A good friend of mine has entered a few times, and if supporting his beer is not a good enough reason to go, day drinking all the beer i can is.

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a while, aside from having an excuse to try well over 30 beers, my cousin (who recently relocated to Philly) was in town and I was very excited to see him. The day went just as planned, we (M and I) drank, had a huge lunch that consisted of all the friend food in the world, and eventually ended up at Ikea in search of a couch. I didn’t get as many pictures as i would have liked, and my friend didn’t win (lame), but i couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Saturday. Now excuse me while i finish painting my new apartment (!!)


Bonus: Gratuitous sneaker-head picture.

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