New York’s Love Map Project

Just a few days ago i came across this great little project by The Cut called New York’s Love Map Project, and i guess it’s pretty self explanatory.  The blog collected nearly 500 stories of hook ups, break ups, missed connection and everything in between and plotted the location where whatever particular event took. Some ( but some i mean 1) of the submissions goes as fat back as the 1950’s, which is pretty dope.

This project reminds of something i read once about city sidewalks and everything they know. I’ve probably spent the majority of my adult life somewhere between Union Square and any corner of Broadway and Canal.  I don’t think a day goes by when i don’t walk by a stoop or store, or just down a street that I’m not reminded of something. The near break up on Mercer, the girl i made out with on Grand, or moving into my office on Howard.

I think I’ve been lucky enough to share this place with so many people that in one way or another – for better or for worse, have helped shape the person i am today.  Maybe that’s why a part of me has such a hard time letting go of New York.

Maybe i’ll submit a story

In the mean time you can check out the entire map here.

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