i <3 New York

While trying my hardest to not go get up and to the gym, i came across “I Heart NY”. I’ve seen this silly ass symbol my entire life, and never once really considered anything other than a great way to make money off silly tourist who stay in hotels in Time Square on purpose. Turns out i was wrong. Who knew.

About once a year i get incredibly nostalgic about New York, and it’s usually right around the start of Spring/Summer. Well this year isn’t any different. Actually this year is different. While i still have this incredibly deep Nostalgic appreciation for  New York in the summer, i’m also incredibly excited that for the first time in a while this city feels different. It’s very hard to explain, but i’m glad to know that something is different.

Check out the short below.

I ❤ NY from Dress Code on Vimeo.

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