Here’s Another Skate Video – adidas Skateboarding in L.A

I know what your thinkin. “ALNP, whats the deal with all the skate and surf videos recently?” Well internet, i’d be lying if i didn’t tell you guys I’ve been spending whatever free time i have on my board, kickin and pushin and have been feeling fantastic about it.

It had been a bit since i had even moved my board from the corner of my living room, let alone ride it – but re-watching the Endless Roads videos i felt inclined to give it a go the other morning, and i can’t remember why i ever stopped.

Needless to say i’m not nearly as talented as any pro, but i appreciate a good skate, and an even better video. Recently adidas Skateboarding went out to L.A and put together their latest work, Mid-City Merge, check it out below.

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