Getting Ghosted. How To Tell

I know i haven’t been single for very long, but the piece of advice i get most often is “you gotta get back out there”. Personally i just don’t feel ready to go out and meet someone, but i have gone and made accounts on just about every (free) dating app or site. I still haven’t really started using them very often, but i figured id get the wheels turning somehow.

This’ll be my first deep dive (eventually) into the world of onlinie dating, so i’m sure their are probably some rules of engagement that might be different compared to the IRL deal. While browsing the internet i came across this post that talks about the act of ghosting, which in all reality is lame as fuck. This particular article focuses more on online dating and ghosting, but some points hit close to home with my most recent relationship. Check it out via the link above.

featured image by Stephen Cheetham

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