C’etait un Rendezvous

I gotta start by saying i’m the furthest from a movie buff, and when it comes to foreign films, i know even less. To put things in preservative for everyone, i think Wayne’s World is a cinematic masterpiece. With that said, when i feel like being boujee and saying something like “my favorite French short film from the Cinéma vérité era” i bring up C’etait un Rendezvous.

There are a few things i appreciate about this short. The entire thing is shot in one long take at the crack of dawn and from what I’ve heard/read illegally. The camera is mounted under the bumper, so we never get to see the car, or even the driver – but there have been rumors that the driver was an unnamed F1 racer, a taxi driver, Lelouch
(the director), or even Mario Andretti.

Check out the film below.

Rendezvous from Matthew Fisher on Vimeo.

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