Breaking up is the Worst – Here are Two Things to Read

Obvious news alert – Breakups are probably the WORST thing on the planet. Not really, obviously – but they can for sure feel that way.

I have to be honest, i’m not 100% sure how well or not i’m dealing with this current break up. Some days it feels like I’m doing an OK job – and other times i know i’m preforming well below sub breakup par, and am making things worse for me and my most recent ex. I guess context has a ton to do how well one deals with the ending of a relationship.

What do i know.

I’ve had previous long term relationships end and looking back those where cake walks in comparison to what i’m feeling now. I think, maybe subconsciously i didn’t think those would last or i knew to some degree i knew they weren’t the person i wanted to be with. Again. What do i know. This most recent breakup has me so conflicted and confused, especially on days like today. I’m doing well and i feel the best I’ve felt in maybe a month and a part of me feels guilty for NOT feeling sad, but also…why would i WANT to feel sad?

In my time of grieving (who say’s that?!) I’ve come across two pieces written by a favorite blogger of mine that have, even just a little helped me feel better.

The first is all about the WORST ways to break up with someone. I’ll thrown one in the ring for that one, via email. Shit is extra lame.

The second is all about her personal breakup. I couldn’t help but notice how familiar the story felt. Not so much the personal details – but the things you miss the most about being in a relationship, made me really realize im not alone in feeling this way, especially this part.

One of the hardest things about being dumped is realizing that the person who dumped you probably isn’t suffering as badly as you are. In fact, they might be happier without you, and worse, there might be someone better for them out in the world. That’s really what hurts the most: the prospect that they were right to move on, when for you, they felt like the one.​



Featured image by Eugenia Loli. This is a deep cut, like obscure 80’s movies reference deep, but much more personal, and not a movie reference. It felt appropriate for how I’m feeling.

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