Bombing Hills in San Fran

In my youth i was an avid skater. Never good enough to preform crazy tricks or anything like that, but good enough to ride and to kick and push and not look like an idiot. My best friend and I spent a ton of time putting together misfit decks, with mismatched wheels or trucks, just to ride all day. We even one ghetto-rigged a luge that ended in my best friend losing 8 of 10 nails and fainting.

While not even a little like San Fran, the neighborhood i grew up in is home to the second highest point in Brooklyn, which means we have our fair share of steep hills that very much deserved to be bombed by two kids who hadn’t really considered how dangerous it could be. I can remember a few occasions where there was practically a hairs worth of space between my board and the cars on either side of me. It was stupid, but it was a ton of fun.

New York times recently published a video about bombing hills, and i was instantly filled with nostalgia. check it out below.

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