5 Questions with Damaries Negron A.K.A Kickitwitdd

If you call yourself a sneakerhead, and aren’t familiar with DD. I don’t really know what to say to you. Creator of the kickitwitdd365 project,  DD has become the unofficial spokesperson/ambassador for lady sneakerheads the world over.

I recently reached out to DD and had a chance to ask her about sneakers and what it means to be a sneakerhead. Check it out below, and be sure to give her a follow.
1.What do you think about the current state of sneakers (celebrity designers, high end collaborations etc)

The current state of sneakers right now in regards to more sneaker collabs and more releases or fun and dope but it clutters everything. Also with the collabs there isnt access to the collabs because not that many were released.

2.How do you think social media has affected the sneaker culture, would you say it’s good/bad and has it helped you?

Social media has affected the sneaker culture in a positive way because I’ve met so many people and the fact that I was able to display my passion for sneakers and how it has helped me a life has been dope. The fact that I can relate with other people who have the same passion as I do is amazing and I get to meet new people

3.Favorite pair in your rotation right now?

I do not have a favorite pair in my collection it is very hard because I determined it by material release history colorway Etc but my favorite brand right now is of course Ewing Athletics it’s such a slept-on brand and needs to be recognized so limited and it’s not about the hype and they’re different color ways and Designs are dope.

4.Why do you collect/love sneakers?

A lot of people do this for the fame a lot of people do this to make money off of it I just do it for the fun and the stress free. I love the fact that a passion of collecting sneakers has helped me in life in so many ways ways that I thought that I was not going to live ways that help me through depression and the fact that I met other people with the same background and the same path as I am is amazing unfortunately the sneaker culture has changed because everybody’s Focus now on making money and the attention rather than have fun

5.How did you start collecting? / How did you get introduced to sneakers.

I started Back Being Bool deities and my sister not letting me call pairs so the second that I got a job I took that advantage and every check that I got I will splurge it on sneaker and then I thought since I was always up-to-date and I knew what was going on on releases and where they coming on and everything I thought I should spread my word to others and help others as well. Before in order for me to find out the next release I will have to do research but now that since about January collector and an influencer in the community these brands that companies come to me and let me know what’s coming out and I get to tell it to everyone else.

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